Arduino Starter Kit LIGHT UNO R.3

44,50  [36,78  sin IVA]

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With the Arduino™ open-source electronics prototyping platform, designers and developers can create interactive objects. In the starter kit we have put together a wide variety of components.

The Arduino™ Starter Kit Light consists of the following items:

– Clear organizer box with different compartments.

– 1pcs 4duino Uno R3 with USB cable (compatible with Arduino™ Uno R3)

– 1pcs 65pcs jumper cable

– 1pcs 830 points BREADBOARD

– 15pcs LED (Red, Green, Yellow)

– 30pcs resistors (220R, 10K, 1K)

– 1pcs potentiometer

– 1pcs active buzzer

– 1pcs passive buzzer

– 1pcs 74HC595N

– 1pcs infrared receiver

– 1pcs LM35DZ

– 1pcs Flame Sensor

– 2pcs Roll Ball Switch

– 3pcs 5mm LDR

– 4pcs Switch buttons

– 1pcs IR Remote Control

– 2pcs 1×7 segment display

– 1pcs 4×7 segment display

– 1pcs 8×8 dot matrix display

– 1pcs RGB 3 color module

– 1pcs 9V Battery Connector (E2)